Triple Ball

Season: November – December
Practices/Games: Two to four weekly (3-4 hours/week)
Tournament: December
Cost: No cost to students


Game 1   Away   Home   Game 2 Date Away   Home
Bye Nov 7th RP5   CP1   Bye Nov 9th RP3   QE1
QE1 Nov 7th CP2   BC2   JK1 Nov 9th RP5   CP2
QE2 Nov 7th           Nov 9th BC2   JK2
QE3 Nov 7th RP3   JK1     Nov 9th JK3   WC2
  Nov 7th WC2   WC1     Nov 9th RP4   CP1
  Nov 7th JK3   CP3     Nov 9th RP1   QE2
  Nov 7th BC1   WC3     Nov 9th QE3   RP2
  Nov 7th RP2   RP4     Nov 9th CP3   WC3
  Nov 7th RP1   JK2     Nov 9th WC1   BC1
Game 3 Date Away   Home   Game 4 Date Away   Home
Bye Nov 21st WC2   CP2   Bye Nov 23rd RP4   JK1
QE2 Nov 21st RP1   JK1   BC1 Nov 23rd BC2   QE1
  Nov 21st JK2   RP4     Nov 23rd JK3   CP2
  Nov 21st WC1   BC2     Nov 23rd RP3   CP1
  Nov 21st CP1   CP3     Nov 23rd WC2   RP1
  Nov 21st RP3   QE3     Nov 23rd RP2   JK2
  Nov 21st RP5   WC3     Nov 23rd RP5   QE2
  Nov 21st BC1   QE1     Nov 23rd QE3   WC3
  Nov 21st RP2   JK3     Nov 23rd CP3   WC1
Game 5 Date Away   Home   Game 6 Date Away   Home
Bye Nov 28th QE1   WC1   Bye Nov 30th BC2   RP3
CP2 Nov 28th JK1   WC2   WC2 Nov 30th CP2   JK1
  Nov 28th RP3   JK3     Nov 30th RP5   QE1
  Nov 28th RP4   BC2     Nov 30th CP1   JK3
  Nov 28th RP1   RP5     Nov 30th RP4   CP3
  Nov 28th QE2   CP3     Nov 30th RP1   BC1
  Nov 28th RP2   JK2     Nov 30th JK2   WC3
  Nov 28th WC3   CP1     Nov 30th QE2   WC1
  Nov 28th BC1   QE3     Nov 30th RP2   QE3
Pool A           Pool B        
CP1 Merryweather         CP3 Walker      
CP2 Larson & Kent         QE3 Schemenauer      
QE1 Behm         QE2 Robertson     ..
JK1 Block's         JK2 Evans      
RP3 Blythe         RP1 Inkster      
RP4 Chocan         RP2 Thomas      
BC2 Swatschina         BC1 Owchar      
JK3 Groat/Park         WC3 Pollard/McGunigal      
WC2 Anderson         WC1 Brand