Teaching Staff

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Lydia Pynten Kindergarten lydia.pynten@lpsd.ca
Kim Smith Kindergarten kim.smith@lpsd.ca
Michelle Olson Kindergarten michelle.olson@lpsd.ca
Sherri Weitzel Grade 1/2 sherri.weitzel@lpsd.ca
Dawn Laing Grade 1 dawn.laing@lpsd.ca
Marina Prediger Grade 1 marina.prediger@lpsd.ca
Amy Wirachowsky Grade 1 amy.wirachowsky@lpsd.ca
Nicki Bishop Grade 1 nicki.bishop@lpsd.ca
Cindy Oestreicher Grade 2 cindy.oestreicher@lpsd.ca
Cerissa Steinhauer Grade 2 cerissa.steinhauer@lpsd.ca
Bauni Frasz Grade 2/3 bauni.frasz@lpsd.ca
Betty-Anne Namur Grade 2/3 bettyanne.namur@lpsd.ca
Arrin Heinrichs Grade 3 arrin.heinrichs@lpsd.ca
Collin Walker Grade 3 collin.walker@lpsd.ca
Nicole Burrage Grade 3/4 nicole.burrage@lpsd.ca
Raemi Wilchynski Grade 4 raemi.wilchynski@lpsd.ca
Janine Merryweather Grade 4 janine.merryweather@lpsd.ca
Gina Hanson Grade 5 gina.hanson@lpsd.ca
Kriston Cote Grade 5/Home Ec. kriston.cote@lpsd.ca
Jeff Mazzei Grade 5  jeff.mazzei@lpsd.ca
Desiree Ross Grade 5/6 desiree.ross@lpsd.ca
Christine Thiessen Grade 6 christine.thiessen@lpsd.ca
Derek Kappel Grade 6 derek.kappel@lpsd.ca
Jessica Daniels Grade 7 jessica.daniels@lpsd.ca
Chad Smith Grade 7/IA chad.smith@lpsd.ca
Cornelius Krahn Grade 7 cornelius.krahn@lpsd.ca
Cheryl Holtby Grade 8 cheryl.holtby@lpsd.ca
Justin Kelly Grade 8 justin.kelly@lpsd.ca
Christine Brochu Grade 9 christine.kent@lpsd.ca
Derek Armstrong Grade 9 derek.armstrong@lpsd.ca
Mark Westman Grade 9 mark.westman@lpsd.ca
Wanda Wright Art/Grade 5 wanda.wright@lpsd.ca
Kevin Jones Band kevin.jones@lpsd.ca
Jennifer Ball EST jennifer.ball@lpsd.ca
Sheryl Stephens  EST  sheryl.stephens@lpsd.ca
Angela Willard  EST  angela.willard@lpsd.ca
Debra Renton EST debra.renton@lpsd.ca
Brittany Hannah French brittany.hannah@lpsd.ca
Raylene Watson French raylene.watson@lpsd.ca
Brent Hamilton PE/Hockey Academy brent.hamilton@lpsd.ca

Support Staff


Natasha Alderman Educational Assistant
Brittany Atchison Educational Assistant
Sharla Courtenay Educational Assistant
Kimberley Crowley Educational Assistant
Linda Hansen Educational Assistant
Jessie Heck Educational Assistant
Rachelle Henry Educational Assistant
Verna McFarlane Educational Assistant
Alissa Sanderson Educational Assistant
Rhonda Smith Educational Assistant
Lauren Swiderski Educational Assistant
Amanda Jacobson         Counselor
Ken Kort Counselor
Anna Ratcliffe Library Technician
Keith Kraft Head Caretaker
Rowena Paano Assistant Caretaker
Susanne Wood Assistant Caretaker
Elmer Casco Assistant Caretaker
Benedict Maure Assistant Caretaker
Barb Marling Concession
Gwen Mohrbutter Concession