Our School

Grades Taught

Kindergarten to Grade 8


College Park School is a ‘school in the park’ for it is surrounded by a new residential development and ample parkland. It serves the SW quadrant of Lloydminster and is home to approximately 600 students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The site is not your common school site facing a single busy street. Instead, the front door to the school is off of 56th Avenue and access to the school is gained through a variety of linkages. The new school is positioned on the site to maximize play field opportunities and facilitate vehicle movement.   While the school bus parking entrance is shared with the parent drop-off / pick-up  area, both are in separate  zones within the school yard. This was purposefully done for safety reasons and ease of supervision during arrival and departure times.


The school is divided up into 5 learning pods.  The pods have a break-out area, a student support room, and washrooms for both girls and boys.  All teaching and project spaces have access to natural light. The layout of the school consists of large boxes (single and two storey) attached to a main connector. The plan is very efficient with very few long corridors. The second floor circulation is limited to the two pods and the bridge between the two main open stair cases.
College Park School is very much about light. One of the Lloydminster Public School Division’s wishes for the school was to create a stimulating  learning  environment  for its students.  The use of texture, and translucent wall panels, in conjunction with clear and coloured glazing, creates a naturally daylit space where young minds can flourish.  The learning pods are located off of the main circulation spine of the school. This allows the pods to have access to daylight and views to the exterior while retaining an open concept.
Another feature of the school is its ability to accommodate after-hours use by various community groups. The gymnasium can be accessed after hours for evening sports or other events. The theatre and music room can also be used by community groups.
LPSD has fostered community involvement for the new school. Several groups and corporations have agreed to contribute financially to the following features:

  • Observatory with digital imaging that can be broadcast within the school
  • Playground equipment for various age groups
  • Music practice rooms
  • Photovoltaic installations for solar power generation

The new College Park School is designed and constructed to achieve LEED Silver certification. Energy efficiency is incorporated in the design of the school and its systems.   Solarwall is incorporated in the wall cladding on the south-facing gymnasium wall.  This south facing wall permits the pre-heating of ventilation air in the colder months. Translucent panels are incorporated into most south and west facing fenestration.



Josie Gordon


Tracy Rideout-Brace


Ensuring all students learn and thrive.


Our vision:

In partnership with parents and the community, College Park School is committed to inspire excellence in a safe, respectful, caring, diverse, and engaging environment.

Our values:

All College Park, we believe that all people will model:

  • RESPECT for diversity
  • RESPECT for themselves and others
  • RESPECT for authority, property, and the enviroment
  • CARE for themselves and others
  • CONTINUOUS improvement
  • EXCELLENCE in all they do
  • LEADERSHIP in making positive choices
  • ACCOUNTABILITY for their choices and actions
  • COLLABORATIVE relationships


We believe:

  • All students can achieve personal excellence given sufficient time and the right supports;
  • High expectations, and early and ongoing interventions are essential;
  • All staff can perform to high standards given the right assistance;
  • All staff can articulate what they do and why they perform the way they do.